Webnical LMS

Making e-learning simple and affordable at scale

With Webnical LMS, you'll have access to the following features:

Carefully selected plugins

We use the best plugins to ensure your site has flexibility, functionality and security

Membership plans & permissions

Create paid for membership levels and restrict content

Course completion & certification

Track course completion and reward  with certificates

Social posts & communications

Fully functional social hub for users to interact with

On-demand & instructor lead live courses

Offer users pre-recorded courses and live courses with zoom integration

Drip-fed content

Plan ahead and keep your members interested with structured, drip-fed content

How can we empower your teams?

We created Webnical LMS after a 5,000-employee retailer asked us to build an LMS that worked alongside their task management tool. They had a tight budget so we began exploring open-source software and hosting companies that could give us the features they needed for a fraction of the cost.

That’s when we came across LearnDash. We thought it looked great, and with BuddyBoss it could support all our client’s business requirements. We built a proof of concept, with a combination of WordPress plugins to give us the functionality we wanted, but we soon realised there were issues operating with the number of users we needed and with the level of security that was required.

We realised then that other corporates who were looking to build a cost effective LMS were probably having the same difficulties too, and that’s when Webnical LMS was born – a service that helps corporates build affordable, secure LMS systems that work at scale.

With LearnDash, BuddyBoss, our own plugin and a few specially selected additional plugins, we’ve built an LMS with an infrastructure that supports 5,000 to 20,000 users.

Deliver powerful training with a hosted,
WordPress LMS - for a fraction of the cost.